Expert Head Lice Removal In Melbourne

Get rid of head lice for good!
Over 10 years experience in the head lice industry.
Successfully treated thousands of families!

How much time have you spent dealing with those annoying critters?
You might have the time and patience to do the treatments but HOW do you know they are really gone!?
Do you have the SKILLS and METHODS to do the job correctly? 
Who is going to check and treat MUM?
Let ITCH NO MORE provide you with effective head lice removal techniques and strategies.
 With my discreet and strictly confidential service that comes to your location in Melbourne,
you will be rid of those pesky nits in no time.
With affordable treatments, natural ingredients and a confidential service,
remain lice free with my nit removal expertise.

Head Lice Training and Education

For parents and guardians, head lice can be a nightmare. Whether it is your first experience with head lice or your family has experienced multiple outbreaks, understanding appropriate prevention and treatment methods can save you hassle and money. At ITCH NO MORE, parents will have the opportunity to have a lesson on lice removal as I teach parents on a step by step procedure to remove lice for future head lice cases or if unable to afford a professional to treat other family members.  There are many myths about head lice and understanding head lice and nits, as well as having the proper lice removal tools, is crucial for effective treatments.  Once you understand how head lice work and their life cycle, you will have an easier time breaking it and getting rid of head lice for good.  You will be educated on the facts about head lice, how to identify and detect the different stages of infestation, what to clean and not to clean around the home, how to do comb-out to check for head lice and give you valuable prevention tips on how to remain lice free.

Convenient Appointments

Want to get rid of lice in the comfort of your home? I come to you to make head lice treatment convenient and easy. Avoid putting your children through painful re-treatments - all it takes is ONE APPOINTMENT, and you will no longer experience the discomfort of head lice. Enjoy no follow up appointments and no hidden costs. No need for another appointment saving you time and money.

My products contain NO chemicals NO pesticides
ITCH NO MORE can teach you how to stay nit free! 

Flexible hours to suit busy families schedules
7 days per week
Find out how I can help you! Call Antoinette NOW 0413 637 106
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